Friday, June 20, 2008

Is the quality of your service reflected in your marketing?

Invest in good marketing. Your website, brochure, logo, business card or any correspondence is a representation of your company. If you produce quality products or offer high end services it needs to be reflected in your branding. How will anyone think you offer high quality services if your handing them a cheap looking brochure?

Your business card or website is the first opportunity you have to make a lasting impression with your prospects. Good design, copy and printing elevates the level of clientele you are getting. It boosts company morale and it helps to establish you as a leader in your industry. Good marketing helps you portray your company correctly to the exact target audience you are trying to solicit.

Just as good marketing helps you achieve your goals, bad marketing hurts you. Be cautious of creating a website or collateral that is sub par. Even if you are a great sales person and have a great product, your site and collateral acts as a qualifier for that potential client and will set their expectations. Investing a little more in marketing and doing it right the first time will make the difference in how you are perceived. Do it right the first time and save yourself a load of headache.

Just remember branding your company is exciting, so have fun with it!

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