Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Walk Through ArtExpo

I spent Sunday at ArtExpo in New York City. It was a very nice experience. Supposively it was 1/6 it's size, but that is hard to believe. The show was massive. It took me quite a long time to go through it.
My neck still hurts from looking all over at all the artwork. Most every style was represented, but there was only one artist that I found in my painting style. There was some very good work that was original and high quality and probably more bad work that was unoriginal and unskilled.

I was amused by the gimmicks people used to attract consumers to their booths. Like any other business, the more people you get to see your work, the better the chances of sales. Some of it was a bit cheezy. For instance... There was a booth with blasting rap music and two blonde models. There was lots of pushy sales people spitting up all sorts of fluff about how amazing there artists were. Some interesting gimmicks were booths with musicians, unique lighting, interesting backdrops, etc.

I have not decided if I'm going to show at next year's Expo, but I'm leaning towards yes.

Check out the photos I took of the event. Enjoy.

This was weird... I looked up and saw my name at the show, or did I?... That threw me off for a bit.

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