Friday, September 11, 2009

Neil van Niekerk Website Design

A while back we posted a logo we designed for Neil van Niekerk. Here is the much anticipated design of his new website! Neil is a major name in the wedding photography world.
He lives and works in the New Jersey area, but he gives workshops all over the country.

It's always fun to design for a talented photographer, because your given such nice shots to work with. The site design and logo surely represent the kind of photographer Niel is. Of course his photography is the center of attention which it should be. I must say that working with such large images does pose quite a design challenge. There is only so much room on the screen to design around. I believe the site really showcases the photos while it still pushes a fresh creative edge.

Neil's site is also half flash and half html. This became a challenge as well, but we felt it was necessary in order to keep the site as search engine friendly as possible. Check out the site and enjoy all Neil's beautiful photos!

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