Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bigger Isn't Always Better

In the graphic design industry, companies always seem to think the same. I've worked in a ton of design studios and all of them targeted the same fortune 500 companies within the drivable region of them.
What happens when 20 companies go to grab the same big client? Chances are one if none of them will get the client. But, who is going after all the other not so big clients? Chances are, if you target a lesser known and slightly smaller client, no one else is pitching to them. Very often, no one has ever approached them before. There's a good chance there is the same amount of work to be had with this mid size company. The best thing is, there is no bidding war or price comparison. Also, that client is most likely going to stay with you longer since less companies are approaching them. I find that the proposal process is shorter, but they need a bit more education on how the process works.

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