Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chamber of Sales

Going back three years ago or so, I joined the local Chamber of Commerce in Roxbury, New Jersey. I didn't expect much, but it has honestly been a very good thing for me.
As anticipated the chamber is full of small businesses, banks, financial professionals and other companies that I thought would be very little help to my sales efforts. However, since joining the Roxbury Area Chamber of Commerce I have unexpectedly gained several very good clients and many good vendors. The chamber is not about going to one meeting and trying to get a sale. The sales are made by building relationships with these other business owners. Trust and reliability are two of the most important things in sales. Show that you care, that your on time and that your a friend. After that, the sale will come easy. Now I participate as a board member and act as Marketing chair. Paul Kiesche Design has since redesigned the RACC stationary, membership form, website and more. Networking is always a terrific way to get business and with the current economy it can't be ignored.

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