Thursday, November 19, 2009

Historic Chester NJ's Holiday Promotions

We are in the middle of a very large campaign for the HCBA (Historic Chester Business Association). We created a marketing campaign aimed at increasing local shopping in the Chester area.
The campaign includes advertisements, coupons, direct mail, posters, web ads, public relations, costume actors, street vendors, billboards, greeting cards and more!!! We're thrilled to be involved.

Check out the town, it's going to be great. We are making a very Dicken's style holiday experience! Should be fun, magical, and wonder filled experience for the family.

Check out this poster we designed and illustrated. The poster is 18x24" and will be displayed in store windows throughout Chester. I illustrated the drawing in pastel on black paper.

Um... this may or may not be me in the photo (depending on who's asking).

One of the poster seen outside a Chester shop!

Here's a close up on the poster.

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