Monday, December 14, 2009

Nifty Vintage Cartoons

My parents recently gave me a family treasure of vintage cartoons. My mother's father, Paul Dye, was not a professional artist, but was very creative. He attended The Landon Course of Cartooning, a Cartooning school by C.N. Landon. The cartoons are from 1926 and all the courses are typed out. 1926 was just at the end of the Golden Age of Illustration.

There was big money in illustration back then. They were the rock stars of their day. It's great to see the old political cartoons and historic humor. Some of the cartoons show great racial ignorance and would be considered racist these days. Obviously we don't support racist cartooning, but it's interesting to see where we've come. I love seeing my grandfather's drawings next to Landon's. He obviously had a lot of talent. I have a whole stack of these, but wanted to just give you a glimpse. I doubt they are worth much, but to me they're priceless. Enjoy

It's unfortunate that I never met my Grandfather. I heard he was an amazing man. Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing these with me.

Got to love the old Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsy cartoons.

Love the old pencil next to the ink cartoons. But I can't believe some of the stereotype drawings...

A very old Uncle Sam.

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