Monday, January 11, 2010

Three Cats a Charm!

Here's my latest commissioned oil painting portrait. I was asked to paint three cats for a Christmas gift. I had a great time and interesting challenge painting this pet portrait.

I wasn't able to do a photo shoot as the cats are shy and one had passed away. So, I used a combination of 3 photos for the cats. Most of the background is made up from several reference shots.

The cat portrait is painted in oil on canvas and in 3 months I'll take it back to varnish it with a satin varnish. Check out my other fine art portraiture and landscapes on my fine art website

Savannah the Tortie Point Himalayan is on the left. Boo (on the right) and Charlotte (in the middle) are Seal Point Himalayan and are brother and sister.

Here is a detail shot of Savannah.



  1. Oh, they're beautiful!! I love Himalayans!! Thank you for telling me about them.