Friday, January 15, 2010

A New Look for Long Valley


Since our move to Long Valley, PKD has gotten involved with local organizations to help improve the community and local commerce. When we were approached by the Long Valley Village Association to design a new logo and update their brand, we were happy to set our skills to it. The LVVA is a non-profit business organization dedicated to helping the businesses and commerce of Long Valley, NJ.

The logo we created was inspired by the hills and town of Long Valley. Long Valley was desirable location to the first German settlers in the area because of that landscape. The scene shows the town and it's iconic church nestled where the mountain folds as if you are approaching from a distance. The typography speaks of a stable, established look, while being inspired by the history of the town.

The logo was added to the LVVA's website, which recently launched. Visit the LVVA's website to take a look at it in action.