Monday, April 26, 2010

Brewing Up Promotions

We're very excited to show off our latest design! We created promotions for a symposium called "Brewing the Perfect Prototype". The symposium is sponsored by Cimquest, IDSA and Core 77. The final pieces consist of a postcard, an email template and web banner ads. Paul Kiesche Design was involved from the very beginning, as we helped come up with the concept, writing and design of the pieces.

We took full advantage of the fact that the symposium is being held at three different breweries in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The design used elements of such as a custom beer coaster on a bar top with a bottle caps and napkins to help give that micro brewery feel. 

The event will be an educational look at the 3D printing process of rapid prototypes. I'm a little jealous of the participants as I'd love an excuse to check out these breweries and find out more about the magical 3D printing process. 

It looks like they are already having a great response from the promotions. This is what our client had to say!
"PKD was very creative and such a professional company to work with. They kept the project moving along and were very organized. Not just another typical graphic design company. They are true artists and their work and portfolio proves it. We loved working with them and look forward to continuing our relationship. So far the Registrations for the events are booming and we are very pleased. We owe a part of it to the professional, eye catching creatives that PKD designed for us."
Vicky Barile, Busines Development Manager
Cimquest, Inc.

Here is a look at the front of the postcard.

This is a view of the front and back of the postcard.

This is the email template designed for the event. We built the email template to work with Publicaster and NetSuite.
This screen shot shows the two animated banner ads we created for the event. The animated banners had three screens they flipped through.

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