Thursday, May 6, 2010

ADCNJ Awards Dinner

I recently attended the Art Director's Club of NJ (ADCNJ) Awards Dinner. We were notified that we won a medal and they would announce it at the dinner. We've won awards with them in the past, but this time I wanted to attend their big event.

The ADCNJ throws a good event. It was a good location, good setting, great food and good conversation. This year they asked a comedian, Sarge to help MC the event and announce the winners. It was a funny act but a bit too crude and inappropriate for the event as people didn't know whether to laugh or cringe. The table next to me were furiously clicking there glasses in hopes that it would end the act. I was just curious what he would say as I approached the stage. Luckily, I got through pretty clean with just a funny pronunciation of my last name. :)

I was really happy to see some unexpected friends and past students at the event, so that was nice. Two of my past students received scholarships for their fantastic graphic design portfolios. Congratulations to Alex Kelly and Christian Meyer, both past students from CCM. Alex was also an intern of ours a few semesters ago. Also congratulations to the other CCM students and Professor Longo who won an award with their design of the Promethean Publication.

Paul Kiesche Design, was awarded a medal for our work on the Earth Wise Beverages web site. So we were thrilled about that and look forward to doing more designs for Johanna Foods.

You can Download the PDF of all the award winners from the ADCNJ web site to see the pieces and read all the details.

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