Monday, February 8, 2010

Rock Bottom Brand

Wow, it's really bad when your product is so bad you need to admit on national commercials and then chase down people that said it was bad to try and prove to them you changed. That's what Domino's has done in their latest advertisements.

Check out this video where the onion has a very funny report on the quality of Domino's.

Here are the long versions of Domino's new commercials. You can find short versions on Youtube.

I'm very skeptical about these focus groups (if they are real). Generally visiting a respondant's home and confronting them about what they said, would be totally against ethical standards of practice.

Now, if there's no such thing as bad press, this is proof. I hate Domino's pizza, because of the quality. You can't live in the New York, New Jersey area and like mass produced pizza. However, the commercial makes me very curious to try how their so called improved pies.

Another thing... the head chef visits the people with fresh made pizza. Perhaps the head chef needs to make us all fresh made pizza. Maybe that makes it taste as good as they claim. I guess you'll all have to decide for yourself. Mangia.

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